Q. When is Camp?

A. Camp will take place from July 5 to 7, 2024.

Q. What ages of campers do you accept?

A. We accept campers aged 7 to 17!!

Q. Where is Camp?

A. Camp will be held at Camp Kindle (https://campkindle.ca/) in Water Valley, AB. Dropoff and Pickup will be at camp only. 

Q. What is the Cost to Attend?

A. Camp is free. We have a camp by donation policy. We understand the financial challenge of having a child with a significant medical condition. We wanted to ensure that cost would not be a barrier to participation. Please donate what you are able to keep camp free for all families.

Q. What type of activities will there be at camp?

A. There will be a large variety of activities at camp. We have a challenge by choice policy so children can feel safe to participate in as much or as little of the activities as they are comfortable. Expert staff are available to help facilitate all camp activities. A small sample of activities includes: swimming, archery, climbing wall, ziplining, arts and crafts, and capture the flag.

Q. Can you accommodate special diets?

A. Yes, absolutely. Please let us know in your application and we are happy to facilitate this.

Q. Who can come to camp?

A. All children born with heart disease are welcome at camp. We are pleased to welcome children with supplemental oxygen requirements, tube feeds, and/or physical challenges/disability. All campers must be able to toilet independently.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate some campers because of facility limitations or safety considerations. As such, we cannot accommodate patients who require inotropes or continuous infusions, peritoneal dialysis, VADs, CPAP, BiPAP, or have tracheostomies. We are also unable to accommodate patients with uncontrolled seizure disorders.  We hope to be able to accommodate these needs in future years. If you are unsure whether your child would qualify for camp, please feel free to contact us!