Heart Heroes Camp

No child should be denied the experience of camp. Heart Heroes is a medically supervised camp specifically created for children born with heart disease. Camp was created to promote independence among campers, provide them a safe setting to socialize with their peers, and allow them to discover they aren’t alone – other kids have faced similar obstacles. This is accomplished through a variety of team-based events over a weekend – from arts and crafts to rock climbing and boating.


Children whose medical histories are ingrained in their identity are able to just be kids. Camp is an environment free from their parents’ vigilant gaze and their healthcare professionals incessant poking and prodding. For the weekend, nurses, therapists, and physicians, hang up their stethoscopes, leave their medical titles at home, and become camp counselors. This ensures that all the campers (and their parents) have to worry about is having fun.

 Camp was made possible with generous support from: