Our Team


Dr. Devin Chetan, PGY3 Pediatrics 


Jennifer Brenneis, Pediatric Cardiology

Dr. Rehana Chatur, Pediatrics

Dr. Jennifer Conway, Pediatric Cardiology

Medical Staff

Dr. Vijay Anand, Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care

Dr. Melissa Chan, Pediatric Emergency Medicine


Dr. Jawad Alzamil, PGY3 Pediatrics

Dr. Kylie Bernstein, PGY3 Pediatrics

Dr. Kristen Hui, PGY2 Pediatrics

Dr. Lauren Ryan, PGY3 Pediatrics

Dr. Cielle Wachnian, PGY3 Pediatrics

Dr. Kerry Wong, PGY3 Pediatrics

Dr. Telford Yeung, PGY4 Pediatrics

Advisory Board

Dr. Geoff Ball, Director, Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health

Wendy Beaudoin, Founder, NKF and Camp Everest

Judy Dahl, Co-Founder, Kids with Cancer Camp

Dr. Joel Kirsh, Founder, Camp Oki